Only Love Today

This book.

There is no better way to wake each morning or end each night cuddled with my littles or my husbands arms wrapped around me.

Then I found this book. And as Easton would say, “oh my goodness.” It’s always exactly what I need to read. How does an author even do that? It’s filled with short chapters that seem to me like devotionals. There’s no scripture relation, but I feel God in each passage I read. There are no dates so when I skip a few days because of exhaustion, kids, a dead Kindle, or simply life….. it doesn’t even matter.

I highly encourage you to begin reading IF any of the following apply to you:

  • You’re stressed
  • You don’t feel enough
  • Anxiety sometimes gets the best of you
  • Mom guilt gets you on a daily basis
  • You could use a little reminder to breathe
  • The world is too much

All the above is my life. On a daily basis. This book (and lexapro) have helped me find a new balance since I became a mom of two and I feel like shit really hit the fan.

This book has helped me breathe and smile again. I love ending and beginning days by reading a passage.

Buy it.

Read it.

Thank me later.

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