My Mother Taught Me.

My beautiful blogging friend, Heidi, asked me several questions about my momma.  She’s so kind, sweet, and refreshing……. always. 

Can I adopt you?

Heidi, you’re younger than me.  No way.  That would be super creepy.  Oh, and you are super awesome at parenting you just have a strong-willed child who promises to test and teach you something new every day. 

What qualities did you get from your mom?

This is a tough one.  I feel like you should ask my sister or my aunts or my Dad to get the best answer.  I’ll give it a shot though.

My mother taught me to be affectionate.  I’ve lost a lot of that since her death because I relate hugs to that 6 hour wait of standing by her casket getting hugs from everyone.  The hugs and words were sweet and I loved everyone dearly for visiting my family and I in a time of shock, pain, and absolute devastation.  Unfortunately I still have reminders when I get a hug of all those hugs I received that afternoon and evening at the funeral home.  I am working on being more affectionate.  I know I will need that to be a wonderful mother some day. 

My mother taught me to be ambitious and motivated.  She was such an involved parent and although I’m not a parent yet, I try to be involved in anything I can.  Sometimes, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  I get a lot of satisfaction from doing the things she use to do so I try and be involved in the same things she was.  It kind of feels like she is there with me. 

My mother taught me to be caring, cheerful and considerate.  I love sending cards to friends just because.  I enjoy buying things or making cookies for friends and coworkers just to tell them I care.  I want everyone I am around to know I enjoy spending time with them.  I don’t ever want them to think they aren’t a wonderful part of my day.  Now, I can’t help but tell you that there are some people that just isn’t true about, but I do my best to be civil.  Momma use to tell me to “Kill em with kindness.”

My mother taught me to persevere and endure.  Who knew I was going to have to use these things for many years after we lost her.  I certainly forgot those qualities right after her death.  I went through some pretty crappy times.  I hit a low.  Then I hit something even lower.  Now, I’m back on the up and up and life is great again.  Thank goodness she taught me to persevere and endure. 

My mother taught me to be generous.  As I said previously, I enjoy giving.  I see homeless people and I want to throw them my wallet.  I see an elderly person walking into the grocery and I want to open the door for them, help them shop, then load their groceries in the car.  I just can’t help myself.  I enjoy giving to others in any way I can. 

My mother taught me to be grateful.  I struggle with this occasionally.  Mainly I find myself wallowing in self pity.  The whole woah is me, my mother is gone and I’m all alone bit.  In all reality, I should be very grateful that I had 17 wonderful years with her.  Some people have mothers for way longer, but they are really crappy mom’s.  At least I had an incredible one, even if it was only for 17 years. 

My mother taught me to be hardworking.  I can remember her always being awake before me every morning and still awake when I went to bed.  I swear I never saw that woman sleep.  She was incredibly hardworking.  She helped my dad keep the family business in line and kept all of us kiddos in check….which was not an easy job. 
My mother taught me how to smile at life.  Lots of people say I have her smile.  I love hearing that.

My mother taught me how to shop.
My mother taught me how to cook….amazing foods.

My mother taught me how to worry. 
My mother taught me to love….unconditionally and whole heartedly. 
Answering this took a lot out of me.  Not gonna lie. 
More answers to come for the rest of my friend’s questions…..

If you could write your mom a letter and read it to her – what would your letter say?

What are some things your mom taught you that you will take with you when you come become a mother?

What are you favorite kids names?

 What are three moments recently you think your Mom was with you?

 What qualities would your Mom love about Mike?

4 thoughts on “My Mother Taught Me.

  1. Glad I got to see you today! Even though you should probably take a bath in lysol thanks to me 🙂 Your mother sounds like a wonderful person!! Happy Mothers Day to her! She is smiling down on you today! (and every day) 🙂


  2. Ashley,
    Your mother was a few years older than me, so I am sure that I didn't know her as well as some people, but I remember how beautiful, graceful, and caring she was, and you definitely have her beautiful smile. I thought she was so beautiful! You will make a great mom yourself some day and your momma will be so proud of you! There is something about a parent's love that never leaves us. I have had many signs from my father that he is still here with me! Just wanted to say that I know your mom would be very proud of you. Love, Joyce Ralstin (Lissa's momma)


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