Mother’s Day Q & A Part #2

More “Mother’s Day” questions and answers
Isn’t she lovely?
If you could write your mom a letter and read it to her – what would your letter say?

Dear Mom,

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish you were here on Earth.  You are missed in more ways than I could ever explain in this tiny little letter.  There have been so many events in my life since you passed that I have longed to hear your advice, get your hug of encouragement, or hold your hand when I’m scared.  Tough days are the days that I sit and worry about the things I face in the future which I will need you even more.  Those days (someday) which I have to plan a wedding and figure out who is going to light the “mother’s” candle.  The days when I’m pregnant and miserable and worrying constantly about how to be a mom.  The days I have a newborn and need your mother’s advice.  The days my daughter or son is an absolute heathen and I need their grandma to come and rescue me.  The days I have to explain to my children why they only have one grandma.  But, I have your sisters, my sister, and your best of friends to help guide me.  I can’t thank you enough for leaving these women in my life.  I have no idea where I would be without them.  I miss you dearly and can’t wait to see the next “sign” you are with me.  I especially enjoy the butterflies, lights flickering, or doors randomly opening.  I know that’s you and I can’t thank you enough for reminding me you are always with me.   Take care of Grandpa, Uncle W, Pam, Nicole, Grandma and Grandpa P, and all the other angels you are laughing above with. 



What are some things your mom taught you that you will take with you when you come become a mother?

I can only hope to be half the mother my mother was.  She was so much fun.  I think some people don’t believe me when I say my mom was my best friend, even at 17.  Most mother’s and teenage daughter’s don’t get along very well, but we did.  We had our moments, of course, but I really enjoyed hanging out with her and taking our Saturday morning shopping trips. 

I want to include my kids in everything I do.  My mother always included us in the kitchen, outside in the yard, and in all the things she loved to do.  She made it very clear that family was important and I will do the same for my own children.  We spent every holiday and birthday with our large extended family and I’m fortunate to have some incredible cousins and aunts and uncles.  We went to church every Sunday and watched mom play the organ.  My mom instilled in me a love for music.  I took piano lessons for many years from a friend.  It was best that my mom wasn’t my piano teacher, at least that’s what she always said.  I will have my children in musical lessons as well if they wish.  I’m going to push heavy on this one and hope they get how important it is to me.  I want my kids in 4-H too.  I want to be the club leader, PTO mom, room mom, and coach for everything that I can for my children.  My mom always made sure we knew we could count on her.  Even in my teen years she stressed that if we were ever at a party where we were uncomfortable or had been pressured to drink, we could still call her and she would come pick us up….no questions asked….until the next day.  She was always just a phone call away.  Boy, I miss that.  I want to be everything my mom was.  I’m not sure it’s even possible to be more than that. 

What are you favorite kids names?

My guy and I have actually discussed this.  I actually can’t stand it when people keep the name a secret but I also wonder if I should share it with the world. 

Oh, what the heck…. 

For a boy we like Austin Wayne and Easton Wayne.  He likes Austin.  I like Easton.  I like Easton because our first concert together was Easton Corbin.  I also like Austin.  The middle name…Wayne…has sentimental value and is also a family name.

For a girl it’s not so much in stone.  I want to use Lynn (my mom’s middle name) in some way.  Emmalynn…. Adalynn…..  Not sure what else works.  We love the middle name Grace. 

The boy says we won’t have girls.  He says he can’t.  Not sure how he knows that….but whatever. 

And later this week I shall answer the last couple of questions.  One is about my mom and it has to do with my guy.  One of the things that makes me the saddest is that they never met.  The other is moments I know she is with me.  Do y’all believe in signs?  I do…

Stay tuned….

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