Fitness Friends

I’ve been working out at BSeas for over a year now.  I never imagined when I walked in those doors that I would gain an entire group of fitness buddies.

It all started with my friend, Ashley, encouraging me to give it a try when I had mentioned that I needed to do “something” to get rid of this gut.  Ashley was actually just working out there at the time.  Now she is a trainer there….which is so incredible for her.  She deserves to be doing exactly what she wants and, even better, she’s amazing at what she does. 

When I first started I told Toby, the other trainer/owner, that my main goal was to get rid of this gut/pooch thing before I actually had kids.  I couldn’t get over the fact that I hadn’t even had children but I had all the curves that one would think I had.  Disgusting.  Those really haven’t vanished completely yet, but I’m still working on it.  The inches have dwindled a bit.  I think I’m just going to have to face the fact that I’ve got curves.  I’m pear shaped.  It’s who I am.  I blame my ancestors for these luscious botty genes. 

Toby and Ash have taught me so much about myself and what I’m truly capable of.  They’ve also taught me things regarding nutrition that I was clueless about.  I count calories and watch what I eat.  I’m not a perfect dieter by any means, but I now know that if I want to go out and eat a cupcake or pizza….I better have some sort of cardio or workout planned for that day or the morning after.  There has to be some balance and hard work for every reward.  When I do well at this I can actually lose a pound or so in a week.  I’m not perfect at it yet, either, but I feel better.

That’s the key words here….I FEEL BETTER.  Hell, I haven’t lost much weight since starting out at BSeas. Maybe 10 or so pounds.  But, I FEEL BETTER.  Seriously, I did 13.1 miles recently.  I jogged most of a 5K a few weeks before that.  I actually enjoy jogging on the treadmill for my cardio exercises.  I love getting that elliptical above 80 and just sweating.  I haven’t been sick (besides an occasional hangover) since forever!  I am so much more active.  I actually chose to go jog a mile two nights ago rather than lay on the couch and start watching evening TV.  I would have neverdone that over a year ago. 

You would never know it by the amount of whining I do at the gym.  It feels good to whine while working out.  Plus, I can’t NOT talk while I’m in there.  What better way to chat with my fitness buddies than to whine about what we have to do?  And, I want Toby and Ash to know I totally appreciate what they’re doing so I whine so that they know it’s working.  See, it’s really beneficial for everyone. 

Just a few of us…..after the FDIC 5K
My fitness buddies are the best group of gals and guys ever.  They are exceptionally encouraging.  Remember the sweet notes I got before the mini?  I walk in and everyone is smiling and saying hello.  It’s not just fitness we talk about.  I know so many of them on even a personal level now and I think that’s important for us all to grow together and lose together.  I was so excited to hear my fitness buddie’s husband is NOT getting deployed after all.  It was fun to hear my other buddie’s son was shocked his momma could run a mile faster than he could now.  I can’t wait to hear about the arrival of a new fitness buddie’s baby in the next week.  We’ve been teasing her she might have it in the gym.  Thank goodness she hasn’t.  That woman amazes me in her ability to continue working out while 9 months pregnant.  Incredible.  My trainer/friend and I get to chat and catch up weekly which we never did before.  Her family is awesome too and I love seeing them in the gym.  There’s several couples who work out together.  They have to be quite the inspiration to their kiddos and families. 

It’s a wonderful group of people to be surrounded with at least twice a week for an hour.  I wish I could find more time and money to spend with all of them.  I’m so excited for our 5K event and family picnic next weekend.  It’s sure to be an afternoon full of laughs…..and probably some trash talk.  It’s just how we roll. 

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