It’s official.  I am overflowed with joy from Christmas.  Also a little saddened that it’s over, but trying to stay positive.  
The holidays were loaded with fun from days before to days after….and they will continue into January!  Both of our work places have decided to continue the celebrations into January so technically…the madness isn’t over. 
We started with our tradition of baking cookies.  As usual, I made way too much sugar cookie dough.   

It wasn’t important to make as big of a mess as possible and this is why the shirts got lost.

This is Brody’s tray of cookies.  You’ll notice he went a little overboard with the sprinkles.  He did keep screaming, “This is the best day ever!” which absolutely made it the best day ever.  

Miss thang is a bit of a perfectionist so she took her sweet time to make each and every cookie perfect!

Since there was such an enormous amount of dough left we decided to make cookie pizzas. 

After cookies was our first adventure at gingerbread houses.  Brody’s was finished first with a little help from his mom.  We literally had to hold his head down for a quick photo.  

And this is him trying to escape.  Isn’t it creepy that he looks like he is missing an arm?

The next day we traveled with the whole family to the Eteljorg for the Jingle Rails exhibit.  Very cool stuff!  I would highly recommend visiting next year, especially if you have little ones fascinated with trains.  

You can even venture downstairs where there is a lot to do for the kiddos.  
Miss Josie enjoying a ride on the saddle.  This was as close to a smile as I could get.  

You can even play a little dress up like this stud decided to do.  

Or pretend to be Mary Poppins like this little lady.  

The best rides are on a Papaw’s shoulder.  

Then we ventured to Mike’s family Christmas where I missed out entirely on photo opportunities.  As always, it was great to see everyone that I feel like we rarely see.  The little ones get big so quickly.  The nuggets fly off the tray.  Ahhh….traditions!
I even missed all photos from the Snider family Christmas.  We had a hilarious time with our gag gift exchange as usual.  Mike and I went through several gifts but ended up with a delightful Duck Dynasty shirt and super fun 12 drinking games of Christmas plus an excellent kitchen towel that references wine and some sort of expletive. That’s a true family Christmas!
Christmas Eve morning I ventured out to my first, and certainly not last, massage with an incredible lady.  On my way I spotted this….  It was for sure a sign.  I wish I could tell you more about it, but I just feel compelled to write it down in a more private spot….or maybe share with you in person.  

I had all the presents wrapped and ready as the last one arrived Christmas Eve afternoon.  
I can’t believe our tree looks like this and we don’t even have kids of our own yet!

I was so happy to wake up super early and exchange gifts with the love of my life.  He surprised me with an amazing antique red kitchen table I had spotted a while back, a new jacket, and some other special things.  
This year we went back to our own traditions, which unfortunately happen to be the same thing….breakfasts with the families.  I went to my dads and he went to his parents. 
I really enjoyed making breakfast with my dad.  

And seeing the love on everyone’s faces for Christmas morning. 

Our little elves passing out presents.  

Brody suddenly has a “stomach ache” or is “too tired” to help anymore.  

However, he sure does perk up when it is time to open presents!

All the sweet little darlings excited for opening presents.  

I may or may not have gotten in trouble for contributing to this little guys princess passion.  

And the opening of presents certainly exhausted us all.  It was time for a nap.  
Cuddling with this sweet man on Christmas sure made my day!

This guy snored a whole lot….
Everyone slept peacefully….

And the day after Christmas brought plenty of rest and cheers to the holiday’s yet again!  We gathered for the kids Christmas for both sides of dad’s family.  

The most exciting thing for me to watch open was Conner and his Word Boy cape. 

He never took it off….
In fact, part of me wonders if he ever took it off.  

We are blessed, no doubt, with an amazing family and friends who love us dearly. 
As always I struggle with the Christmas blues when it is all said and done.  I hate putting everything away.  I get depressed thinking I have to wait an entire year to shower the ones I love with gifts that I hope they will oooo and ahhhh over.  
We’re blessed.  
And one thing I learned on Christmas Eve morning (besides that I’m sassy and sarcastic) is that I need to let life flow.  
Find the positives in life. 
Let it flow….

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