Telling the littles

Hiding our news from the little people in my life has been REALLY hard.  I’ve wanted to tell them but knowing it wasn’t totally “safe” yet kept me from sharing our news.  I also wanted to tell them in a fun way and it was perfect that it fell around the time of our family game night with the Ruttans.

It was hard to find a “game” to tell them but I decided on some good ole fashioned balloon popping. They were actually excited to pop balloons!

Inside each balloon was a word for the final message, “You’re going to be big cousins.”

Check out their reaction here!

I’m so fortunate to have had these 3 in my life and prepare me, somewhat, for what motherhood will be like.  Uncle Mike and Aunt Addie love you all very much and we look forward to you showing our little one the ways of life in the family. 
I love that Brody has named the baby Rosy Flower in hopes it will be a girl. 
I love that Kynsey giggled uncontrollably when I showered her the ultrasound pictures and wanted to know every detail of the gender reveal party. 
I love that Brayden and Kendyl were so excited and even said, “that’s unbelievable!”

All our special little ones are excited to be a part of our little ones life which only means one thing…..this baby is already Fortunate. Already blessed. 
So very fortunate, 

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