Vacation Exhaustion

Don’t get me wrong, the memories we made will last forever. Even the ones of Easton’s new vocabulary and Wyatt’s obsession with screaming at everything.

But…..I need a vacation after our vacation. More like a momcation.

Vacationing with little ones is a true test of your patience and sanity. In an unfamiliar home with strange beds and no schedule. A place that’s not entirely child safe with two heathens who get into everything they’re not supposed to. A raging 3 year old whose only hopes and dreams when his angelic feet hit the floor is to push everyone’s buttons he crosses paths with. A 1 year old whose quickly learning to be sassy and cries if I’m not holding him.

I’m wiped.

I need my own bed.

I need my kids to sleep 10 hours straight in their own bed tonight and take good naps.

I need the laundry fairy to show up when we get home and get it all clean and put it all away.

But then I feel guilt. Mom guilt for being exhausted and not remembering we made some incredible memories.

We made memories and we were together for a whole week for 24/7. And everyone lived to tell about it. Even Easton.

The boys are true beach lovers like their momma. Daddy knows it’s now 3 vs 1.

We were with our people. As we drive home the oldest is already bummed and teary eyed he won’t be with Bryce building sand castles or ShaiShai dancing to music.

We love you St. Joe.

We can’t wait to be back next year.

And now I’ll sleep for the rest of this drive because I’m betting no one will be ready for naps like I am when we get home….

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