Friday Five

I won’t even address the fact that it’s been terribly long since I’ve posted. I want to make better habits with my blog as I see it as an online scrapbook and journal I can look back on forever. So here goes better habits – a weekly Friday Five. Five positive things I’m thankful for from this week.

  1. Routine – I’m thankful for a return to routine for all of us. I love our holiday breaks and summer off, but I can also notice myself spiraling out of control at the end of them each time. My brain and body crave routine. I’m sure if I was able to be a SAHM I’d function just fine, but I think something inside me knows it’s back to work and I get this awful anxiety. Last Sunday the blues were bad….like curl up in a fetal position bad. Monday everything was fine. As fine as Monday can be in a pandemic. I’m thankful for being back in our routine. My boys love where the spend their days and I love my job.
  2. Nintendo Switch Mario Party – This is a game E got for his birthday. We didn’t spend too much time on it over break, but this week he’s asked to play every night – and every night we have. What I love about this game is that all 4 of us can play, including Wyatt. Wyatt is 2 so there are very few games he can usually enjoy with the rest of us. This is one he likes and can play. Win win!
  3. A Cooking Husband – Mike loves to cook. In fact, he would probably tell you that I don’t ever LET him cook. He’s partly correct. I don’t generally let him cook because I’ll fully admit that I’m a control freak and I love to cook too. However, this week he offered to make dinner twice and I happily obliged. We got a Blackstone for Christmas and OMG is it amazing. One night he made fajitas and they were literally the best fajitas I’ve ever had in my life. The next night he made breakfast – bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, toast, eggs – DELISH! Now he can cook anytime he wants, especially if it’s on the Blackstone!
  4. My People – This is kind of a lengthy list and I won’t name names but dang I’m glad for my people. The events of January 6th had me spiraling mentally out of control. I know who I can call and text and who will respond to talk me off the ledge. Obviously these are people who share similar ideas and philosophies as me or they probably wouldn’t be my people. Thoughts I had – What is happening in this world? Is this the end? Why are they behaving that way? Why isn’t he doing anything to stop it? Do we even live in a democracy anymore? Just a few of my random thoughts from the events of January 6, 2021. I was able to text and FaceTime my people to vent. My little people kept me occupied in the evening and the news was off so I couldn’t continue to spiral out of control. I’m so thankful for all of my people.
  5. A Wonderful Caregiver for My Boys – Everyday my boys wake up excited for the day to start. I wish I had half their morning energy, especially Easton. Wyatt’s a good sleeper and doesn’t always love my morning song and the lights on – but who can blame him? They’re so happy to go to Miss Jenny’s each day and they’re always excited to tell me about their day when I pick them up. I’ve shed some serious tears at the thought that it’s Easton’s last year with her. How could he possibly be going to Kindergarten already? I know she’s prepared him well, but I’d sure love it if she’d provide a K-12 curriculum in addition to all her baby loving.

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