There’s hope.

Let me preface this by saying I know you won’t all agree with me. I’m ok with that. I only mean this for what I’m about to say…..For once I’m thankful for Governor Holcomb’s decision and I’m given hope in a rather dismal time.

There, I said it. A Governor I spent a day marching in November that couldn’t even have the decency to show up and listen. Ya, he gave me hope today.

Today our Governor in Indiana made the decision to cancel school until May 1st and announced that when and if we do return there would be no state testing. I cried. I actually shed tears over words from a Governor I generally loathe.

For once I feel like I can breathe. There’s a plan in place. It’s a plan with an agenda that’s lengthy and includes weeks of possible Elearning, but it’s a plan. It’s not a plan that cancels everything we hoped and dreamed for the end of the school year. It’s not a rushed decision to forego all activities for the end of the year. It’s a plan that gives me hope. It’s a plan that gives me hope I’ll get to hug my kids once again or see them beyond my screen. This plan also assures that when or if we do return I won’t have to throw a test at them. I’ll be able to reconnect and finish the year continuing to prepare them for middle school life.

I’ve prayed so much these last few days and I prayed for peace and hope. I know He heard me before the Governor’s speech. He has a plan. My favorite Bible verse (Philippians 4:6) has been something I’ve been reading multiple times a day.

As our Indiana Superintendent of Education, Dr. McCormick said in her speech to students……”Be positive and make good choices.”

One last thing, if your child needs assistance with Elearning, please let me know. I’m licensed K-6 and I would be happy to help. We can FaceTime. We can Zoom or Google Meet. We can do whatever works. None of this will be easy but we must make the best of it. Just by doing that we teach our children so much. We teach them how to be good people and we need more good people. We can teach them that we are able to overcome difficult situations with the love and help of each other even when we can’t be physically connected.

We can do this.

We can do hard things.

You’re all in my prayers,

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