Corn Gazing.

One of my favorite parts of spring and summer is watching the corn grow.

Little sprouts.
Leafy buds.
Knee high before the 4th of July this year.
Husky stalks.
Beautiful waves of earthy green leaves rustling in the wind.
Natures privacy fence.

Corn makes me feel at home. It’s a comfort thing. I’ve known it all my life. As a child it was exciting to watch it grow and then more excitement when it came down so we could see my cousins house.

As an adult I appreciate it’s beauty. Even more I appreciate my guys hard work and dedication for what he loves to get it put in the ground. I appreciate my uncles for the hard work they do up north. I appreciate the farmers who take care of our family’s land down here.

So much appreciation. So much I had to stop and take it all in today.

The beauty of mother nature and the product of the love of my life’s hard work. Just a little corn gazing.

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