Instapot = Baby Food Jackpot

I’ve loved my Instapot for many reasons and this morning I fell in love all over again.

Now, I’ve never been an “Insta Junkie.” I’ve used it occasionally and loved it each time but I’ve also been a bit skeptical on some of those one pot wonder meals I’ve heard of.

This morning I decided to make some baby food for Wyatt because I think he’s ready to start solids. With Easton I made baby food in the crockpot and it was easy. I sipped my coffee and thought….couldn’t I do about the same thing but FASTER with my Instapot?

Well, guess what folks?! I did! It was! And in about 2.5 hours I have 52+ little meals of green beans, sweet potato, and squash for little chubs to eat. This should be a great start on our solid foods adventure.

I put each peeled vegetable in the Instapot alone with a bit of water. With the sweet potatoes I added a bit of cinnamon.

I set the timer between 12-15 minutes based on some Pinterest posts I had found

After they were cooked I tossed them whole into the large blender my amazing husband got me for our anniversary. No worries, I also got flowers but the modern anniversary gift was an appliance and he knew I would use this a lot and I do!

I pressed purée and let it go to work!

Once done I got the cups I purchased on Amazon ready and began scooping and dumping and sealing. These cups are reusable, freezable, and dishwasher friendly.

And Ta-Da! 52 servings and 2.5 hours later I’m done!

Warning – the green beans and squash are a bit smelly! Hopefully this little man loves it all!

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