What’s happened to us?

Yesterday morning we crawled back into bed after sipping coffee like two old people at 8 a.m. and watched 4 episodes of Modern Family laughing our asses off.

Then yesterday afternoon after a soccer game, grocery trip, and some work out in the barn we sat in the living room watching several episodes of Law and Order SVU.

Then, we discussed going to a Comedy Club and dinner for a date on a Saturday night with nothing else to do.  Of course, we sifted through  a coupon book first looking to see where the bargain was at.  Upon finding coupons for two local joints and deciding we would rather use our good coupons on someone we actually wanted to see we decided on continuing to watch SVU and go to dinner late.  So, we watched more episodes that somehow we’ve never seen.

It was 8 o’clock and it finally seemed like a good time to eat dinner so we didn’t drive far.  Nothing special…..just again…some place we had a free appetizer coupon for.

So, what’s happened to us?

We use a coupon book to determine our weekend plans.  Now, don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING absolutely NOTHING wrong with being frugal.  We bought it from my niece and might as well get good use out of it.

We watch SVU for a date and would rather stay home curled up on the couch than party it up.

We’re young.

We’re kidless.

What have we become?

I kind of wonder why we let these moments slip by us?  But, then again…we’re together.  We’re spending time with each other which like most people is definitely rare.  Maybe it’s our lack of energy to blame.  By the weekend I’d rather just stay home and get things done than party it up.

This is the 2nd year in a row I haven’t bought a Halloween costume and I’m not even 30.

It’s like we’re the last ones left before life’s “next big steps” and we’re kind of just left behind.  Stuck between the drunk nights of sexy costumes with a day long hangover and a kid friendly party bobbing for apples and making crafts.

Is this normal?

By the way….THANK YOU to all of my readers.  My blog hit the 15,000 mark with my last post and it was majorly exciting for me.  I don’t know who is reading….but THANK YOU to those who are.  It means the world to me!

2 thoughts on “What’s happened to us?

  1. I've been reading all of your posts but want to get better at commenting on them so you know that I am! I think the important thing is that you're spending time together, no matter what you're doing. Or maybe I say that because we're 22/23 and already doing those same things…


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