Something is missing

There are Sunday mornings where I am up early making Sunday dinner in the crockpot, folding laundry, sipping coffee…..and wondering, “Why am I not at church?”

You see we found this amazing church up north and we loved the pastor and the people but it became too much of a drive when we moved further south than where we previously lived.  Although, there are days that I wonder if a drive is worth the feeling you get from a great pastor and wonderful fellowship with people who don’t judge you.

Ever since we left that church we really just stopped the search all together.  At first our excuse was the remodeling of our house.  We spent every minute that we weren’t at our jobs working on things in and outside of the house.  Then summer came and weekends are busy.  Then school happened again and work picked up for my guy and again…we just were too busy to get our butts out of bed to spend a little time with God.


Yesterday as I sat by myself in the peace of the early morning with my coffee after tidying up the house I couldn’t help but wonder….what is missing?

Church is missing.  Not really just church the place….but the fellowship with friends and family.  The word of God.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I realize I am not a perfect Christian.  I am probably far from it entirely.

 However, I do believe.  I believe there is something greater than us.  I believe that I sin.  I believe we all sin.  I believe in asking forgiveness.  I believe in prayer.  I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe in giving back in many ways.  I believe.

I have a church I grew up in.  I have many family and friends who still go there.  It isn’t close to our house but it would probably be a good place to start.

Sometimes I think….ehh…we’ll just go to church when we have kids and it’s more important to get them involved in church.  But really?  That is not a good excuse any more.  We should probably be thanking God now for everything we have, including each other.

My thoughts are rambling.  I know that I don’t have to go to a building to worship God.  I could be doing it right in my house with my honey.  I just think that if we had a place where we felt we belonged we might get a little more out of it.  Someone to help guide us in the right direction (a pastor) and friends who walked the way with us (fellowship).

You see….something is clearly missing.

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