HalloNovemWeen what?

This whole trick or treat debate has me seriously wondering what the heck has happened to this world. 

Since when does the local government tell parents when to trick or treat?
I understand the weather could be nasty. If it is….then it’s the year you travel to a few family members house in the costumes. Hit up the local fire department and call it a day. 
That’s what we did when I was a kid anyways!
Again, another perk to growing up in the country. 
You do not need a pillowcase full of candy. You don’t need to hit over 100 houses. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out how to manage Halloween on a rainy night. 
Sure your kid might be disappointed and upset. Guess what? It won’t be the last time! I’m sure my little niece and nephews would be upset. It’s just not the end of the world…
It goes back to the whole “let’s let everybody win and get a trophy” theory that blows my mind. It’s leading to a world full of little people who feel entitled to everything. 
My point is….just enjoy your littles ones. See your close friends and family. You know the candy is safe and everybody wins. 
I suppose the set hours are for neighborhoods. But what happened to the whole porch light deal? If it’s on and you know the people then knock and say the magical words. If it’s not then move on. 
Isn’t it really that simple? We need someone to tell us hours? What the heck has happened? 
It seems common sense to me. 
Then again, common sense is lacking for many
Maybe that’s the real tragedy of Halloween. 
If you’re a parent then you make the decision of when and where. That’s the beauty of being a parent! (Not that I would know….yes I’m already aware.)

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