Maybe they aren’t so bad…

For years I have harassed my friends how incredibly lame they are for owning and driving a mini van.  Especially my dear friend who even has the stick people on the back end.

Maybe that makes me a not so great friend.

Of course, they know how sarcastic and playful I can be.  I sure hope they’ve never taken it to heart.

Truthfully, I’ve just always told myself I would never own a mini van.  No way on earth would I ever sit my butt behind a wheel of a mini van full of carseats.

And then Monday happened.

Monday I was blessed with an opportunity to drive my best friend’s mini-van to pick up her little one from daycare.  I was a little nervous.  Not sure what all the controls did.  Couldn’t figure out the headlights.  But then I started cruising….

and I felt like a badass.  A badass in a minivan.  Is that even possible?  It sure felt like it.

I’ve changed my mind.  Mini vans are amazing.  You can control the heat/air for every single nook and cranny of that monster.  The DVD player automatically works and keeps the little one entertained.  Of course, that also means I now know every single word to the show “Doc McStuffins” but I figure it could be worse.  Lastly, it just glides down the road smooth as a baby’s butt.


Never thought I would fall in love with a mini van.

Then, I did.

Maybe I’ll be able to find one like this…

with a sticker like this!

Fortunate to have friends with awesome mini vans,

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