Can we just go back to that?

I’ve been walking into stores and restaurants lately getting  more and more pissed as I see a sign that says “Thanksgiving Hours.”

First, I turned around and walked out.  Then, I turned right back around.  I got what I needed and proceeded to tell the manager on duty how wrong I think it is that he’s going to be open on Thanksgiving.  He’s taking away all of his staff from their families.  He’s taking away all the greedy people who want the stupid deal they can’t get any day but that day from their families.  Of course he blames someone else and says it wasn’t his decision.

I’m so irritated with this whole concept that we continue to bump up “Black Friday” and it’s deals.  It’s so greedy.  Is scoring a deal on the new PlayStation really more important than spending time with your family?  Is scoring that same deal equally important that you take the clerk away from their family as well?

What if we all get together and simply NOT shop on Thanksgiving?  Then, the stores wouldn’t be open.  Who’s with me?!?!  Likely…not everyone.  Which is disappointing.

To each his own I suppose.

But seriously….

What ever happened to the stores opening at 6 am the day after Thanksgiving?

Can we just go back to that?

I’d feel a lot better about this world and the people in it if we did.

Fortunate despite the above, 

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