I have a fiance and for the first time today I had to say that out loud….and I gotta tell you it was crazy weird!

Not weird in a bad way….just weird in a different way!  Like the weird that I’ve been waiting on my whole life!

So here’s the story…..

Friday was Valentine’s Day and he always said he would never propose on a holiday so I was most definitely not expecting it.

Friday morning I set out a cute little scavenger hunt for him which led him to a card, couple of Rockstars, and some gift cards.  He loved it.

Friday night we had dinner reservations at the restaurant where we had our first date, Stone Creek Dining Company.  I kind of wondered if maybe he would pop the question at dinner but it was never discussed and I reminded myself he would never use a holiday to propose.

We came home from dinner and my usual is to go upstairs and change into “comfy pants” as we call them round here.  I didn’t head upstairs because I still hadn’t received a card or gift and kind of thought maybe if I hung around long enough on the couch something would magically appear.

Low and behold it did.  I opened the card.  A sweet card with a sweet message.  That man always writes love notes and never just signs his name.  Love that about him.

Then I pulled out the tissue paper of the red sparkly bag with heart on it and it was a mouse.  A computer mouse.  A wireless freaking computer mouse.  My response……”Ummm….thanks” with sincere disgust.

I huffed and puffed and pouted on the couch for a bit and he decided to head upstairs to put on his comfy pants.  Not long after I decided to head up as well.  As I was putting on my pajamas he came around by my side of the bed.  I thought he was going to grab some pants or underwear from the dresser but instead he GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE and I about passed out.

He stunned me.
He shocked me.

He said, “I love you….will you marry me?” and opened a ring box to behold this GORGEOUS and FABULOUS ring….

 I said….YES!  Covered my face to hide the tears approaching then I held his sweaty, shaky face in my hands and kissed him.  He placed the ring on my finger.  Of course it didn’t fit at first but we took the spacer thingy off and it fits perfectly.  Just perfect.  
Then, I thought I was going to puke.  Not the kind of puke like, “OMG what did I just do!” the kind of puke that is from absolute shock.  People always told me I wouldn’t know when it was coming.  Heck, even he told me he wanted to surprise me…but honestly I didn’t know if he could pull it off.  Trying to hide things from me is probably extremely difficult. 
But, he did it.  And he did it perfectly.  And he proposed to me in our bedroom in the midst of putting on pajama’s and I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.  It was just us.  It was perfect. 
Now….for some more of the details.  
Then I loaded him up with questions….like…did you ask my dad? Of course he did!  He asked my dad just earlier that morning.  My dad (a man of many words…ha!) replied with, “Sweet.”
I asked when he bought the ring.  He told me he had purchased it on Wednesday because he felt like if he had went to get it any earlier he wouldn’t have been able to not give it to me.  He even took his dad’s truck for fear that someone at the jewelry store may have seen his work truck and let me know he was at Kay’s.  Smart man!
We spent the rest of the evening trying to make phone calls and being extremely excited that we were engaged!  Like giggly…giddy excited. 
I did make the comment about being so excited to get married and have babies.  His response, “Can we just enjoy the engagement for a day or two?”  hehe  Sorry buddy! 

And we took this to capture the moment….Pinterest idea.  And so true…

My best friend answered her phone first.  Although I didn’t full on cry when he actually proposed….when I had to actually tell someone what happened I sure did.  And she cried!  And I kind of realized how real this whole thing was.  
We finally fell asleep early Saturday morning and got up early again to start the next round of phone calls and Facetime calls.  We wanted to tell all the special people in our lives over the phone or in person before we committed to the big announcement on social media.  It was fun to make the phone calls and Facetime calls together.  Hearing everyone’s excitement.  Shedding a few more happy tears.  My niece’s response of, “Can Kynsey and I be FLOWER GIRLS?!?!”  Lynn telling me how my mom was right there with me and how happy she would be.  
Just straight up pure bliss.  You can’t package that stuff.  Those feelings of forever love.  
I always knew he was….but that bling makes it so official and ready to take the next step.  
And the best part of it all…he’s just as excited as I am.  He told me he loves how I can’t stop smiling. And I seriously can’t.  
Yes, we’ve discussed dates, venues, and plans but we have nothing set yet.  We’ve sent out inquiry emails to a few places and hope to book a place soon so we can go from there.  I love how interested he is in the whole process and I’m very thankful for that.  
I also can’t get over how excited everyone is for US!  I’ve always known I was loved but the hugs and messages and texts are incredible.  We are so blessed to know so many wonderful people and have those people to share our journey with.  
This blog may become totally weddingfied and I hope y’all don’t mind.  I’ll have lots to share and definitely want to track these memories as we go.  
I’ve struggled a bit with sadness today at the thought of doing all of this without my mom.  I know she’s here with me along the way.  I know I have an incredible sister, aunts, and best friends to help me out.  I’m also going to be blessed with an awesome mother-in-law (woah…weird to say…again!).  I’m not alone in this…but I sure can’t help but think about how she would help me if she were here.  
The love of my life proposed to me on Valentine’s Day.  I can’t stop smiling. 
This man is a man who sent me this picture just last week. 
A picture of a cardinal right in our front bushes.  He knows I believe that’s my momma.  
He knows me so well. 
That picture made my whole day. 
And this man is going to make the rest of my life. 
Yours truly….
an Engaged Fortunate Girl

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