You win

Dear Sister,

You win!  Yes, you  win!  I may not say it very often that you’re right and that you win…but you definitely did it this time.

You and the whole crew surprised me like no other.


Your loving and adoring little sister,


Wow….all I can say is WOW when I think back to last Saturday evening.  I was more than surprised…I was shocked that she and Mike and friends and family all pulled it off to surprise me for my 30th birthday.

But, just to be clear…I am not 30 until Friday.

The blonde in me didn’t even notice the cars in the parking lot.  I thought one of them was my cousin Tracy’s car…but then thought, “Nah, he wouldn’t be in Greenfield.”  His sticker supporting Kammy’s Kause should have given it away!

Our plan that evening was to go and watching Shai dance at the basketball game.  When we got there and it got closer to the dance my sister suggested dinner afterwards.  I wasn’t really feeling like eating pizza AGAIN but when you want to spend time with family you do whatever is suggested.  Then, Mike drove REALLY terribly slow leaving the game to the pizza joint.  That was annoying…and again maybe I should have known something was up.

Walked in the door and….TEARS!  Tears of joy!

And a “30” tiara to put on of course as well!
My hands were shaking!  

All these people…for me!

Sammy and Holly

Me and Ash!  

Baby had his first beer!

The Pacer game on the TV….

My favorite kids everywhere!

Games to play!

My amazing cake and awesome candelabra!  Thanks Holly and Krista!
I couldn’t even think of a wish to make.  I know this sounds slightly corny and ridiculous but I had so many I loved right there with me.  Was hard to think of anything else!

Courtney and I

Enjoying all the pictures around!

Cheese from Mallory!


Me and Sam

The Hill family!

Me, Jen, Meg, and Court!

Me and my love…he helped pull it off!

Stuffed Haygoods.  Sam has an excuse.  What is yours Brando?
Teacher friends came too!

I don’t want to know what life would be like without this crazy family of mine!

This BY FAR was the perfect birthday surprise.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Looking back, I probably had quite a few hints that gave this event away.  I guess being blonde makes it possible for me to be completely clueless to some things.

For example, where did Holly disappear to at the game?  Never figured that out….until I got there.

Another example, why did Brody keep asking me where my tiara was?  I don’t wear one every day (that you know of) so I guess I should have found that odd.  He also stroked my face softly on the way out of the game and said, “We gonna have cake tonight.  We gonna have a party tonight.”  Again, I had no clue. As my sister said…the kid who still poops his pants was about to be the one who gave it away.

Another example, why were all the little people ignoring me and trying to stay as far away from me as possible?  Come to find out….they were all terrified they would spill the beans.  So much to the point that Shai actually refused to sit next to me at dinner on Thursday and made me think she had a headache or was mad at me!

And I still….feel terribly….terribly….guilty for ever doubting anyone to pull something off.  For being a brat and saying I had to plan my own party.  I wanted 30 to be special and I should have NEVER doubted that my sister would make that happen.

She makes everything happen.  Ask anyone.

She’s definitely the best sister ever.  Without a doubt.

Now, I’m still going to rock the party I had planned for myself this Saturday if anyone wants to join me!  Not really a party, but a gathering of friends.  An excuse to get out of the house and see a band.  To try and forget that I’ve turned 30.

By the way – Great place in Greenfield to have a party….Hometown Classic Pizza.  Highly recommend it!

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