Trashy obsession

Shiloh’s latest obsession with trash continues. 

This time I wanted to shame her in hopes that maybe that’s what she needed to STOP the obsession. 
We shall see…
She’s really on a roll. To put it simply- she sucks. 
She now runs off to the neighbors and refuses to come home after being hollered at. 
She waits to fart until she is laying or sitting right next to you. 
She rolls in the horse crap…..and then maybe comes home. 
When she gets hosed off or bathed she finds the one spot of loose grass, rolls in it, then needs to be hosed off again. 
She follows all the little children around and snatches goldfish or cookies right out of their precious hands. 
She simply sucks. And can’t manage to do anything adorable or lovable…besides morning and evening cuddles 

Ok she doesn’t totally suck. She has just really irritated me lately. I need more of these lovey moments than picking up trash. 

I need more of these cuddles than washing off horse crap from her body. 
I need more cuddles than taking 20 minutes to find her late at night. 
Basically she needs to get it together. 
Because if she doesn’t I’m going to start looking at boarding schools for dogs. Or military schools.
Or maybe just ship her to her grandma…Mike’s mom where she never does anything wrong. 
Frustrated but still Fortunate, 

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