Tradition and hard work

There’s a lot going on in our lives right now. School started. Work is busy for Mike considering the time  of year that it is. More importantly we are doing our best to be there for friends who need us. 

I did take some time before school started to be a part of our annual tradition of putting corn up. We are blessed with a beautiful garden that my Dad invests a lot of time and energy in. We are all very thankful that he does.  We literally reap from his hard work and its so nice to enjoy his sweet corn even throughout the winter. 
Cutting ears off when necessary and praying to God he doesn’t lose another finger!
Two very important men in my life.  Blessed beyond words with them.  
The blanching process.  
Ready to it away!

By the end of the day they had put away about 73 bags of sweet corn in the freezer. 
Can’t wait to try some with dinner this week!
Fortunate with a Dad who works hard, 

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