Summer 2012 Bucket List

My blogging buddy Heidi decided to create a summer 2012 bucket list.

So, naturally as bloggers do I decided to steal her idea and create my own.
1. Go to a baseball game and get on the kiss cam.

2. Take the littles to at least 3 different water/splash parks.

3. Get a new tattoo.

4. Make out in the rain, and preferably on the beach.

5. Watch the sunset on the beach holding hands with my love.

6. Run an entire 5k.

7. Paddle boat on the canal.

8. Bike with friends along the canal.

9. Golf with my guy and hope I don’t drive him nuts.

10. Go horseback riding with my guy.

11. Convince my niece that playing the piano is something she needs to start soon.

12. Take my grandma out to lunch.

13. Go to a winery with some of my wino friends.

14. Go to wine and canvas with my sister and friends.

15. Read the “50 Shades” series.

16. Finish the “Hunger Games” series.

17. Ride a roller coaster.

18. Feed the ducks at P park.

19. Make homemade gifts for Father’s Day.

20. Go to a drive in movie theater.

21. Sit on the porch for dinner and watch the sunset together.

22. Camp out.

23. Take the littles to Conner Prairie.

24. Play in a sprinkler with the littles.

25. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

26. Have a bonfire and make a complete meal over it including s’mores of course!

27. Have a water balloon fight with the niece and nephews (the littles).

28. Go on a picnic with my sweetheart.

29. Use my sewing machine to make something for myself.

30. Use my sewing machine to make something for a little person in my life.

31. Go to 3 spots at the state fair that I’ve never been to.

32. Organize and clean up the office/sewing room.

33. Make melted crayon art with the littles.

34. Lose 5 more pounds.

35. Get at least 20 Blogger followers.

36. Make root beer floats with my oldest nephew.

37. Visit the new ice cream shop in town with the littles.

38. Visit and have lunch with my Aunt Mary.

39. Have a picnic at the cemetery with my mom.

40. Play putt-putt.

41. Buy a new silver long necklace with a little bit of turquoise.

42. Blog at least 3 times a week.

43. Not worry about school until at least July 30th.

44. Get a great tan.

45. Try 5 new Pinterest recipes.

46. Go to a concert.

47. Build a sandcastle.

48. Lay by the pool at least twice a week.

49. Find a new drink of choice by trying 5 new summer cocktails.

50. Make every day count.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2012 Bucket List

  1. Love it! I'm going to have to join in some of these! Like melted crayon art, 50 shades series, and trying 5 new cockatails! To a wonderful summer full of lots of buckets 🙂


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