Memorial Day Memories

One of my favorite weekends of the year is Memorial Day. My family has so many traditions we’ve had for years. I love traditions. I can’t wait to have our own little family to continue those traditions.

MD weekend in Indy means lots to do. Indy 500.

Saturday was the Indy 500 parade. Not everyone was able to go this year. Some years we have a big crew. Some years we don’t. The heat was a factor this year. It was a scorcher. But, we made the best of it. We found a spot in the shade. Did out annual photo of the littles near the fountain. Then sat and patiently waited for the start. Things I love about the parade:
Cops on motorcycles
Big balloons
Dancing bands
Things I don’t love:
The woman behind us who commentated the entire thing and meet shut her mouth.

I could have done without that.

After parade means finding an air conditioned restaurant. Steak n Shake hit the spot.

Sunday is our annual race day party at a friends house. Good food. Good friends. And this year required water for the kiddos. Little nephews first trip down a water slide. The after party under the shade tree with wine and more good food. I swear I put on at least 5 pounds this weekend.

Monday is a tradition to meet my pops and family at the local cemetery for a special service honoring those who served. We gathered around my moms plot after and shared a few memories with the little ones Then my guy and I started a tradition of going to the cemetery where his grandpa is and
seeing their amazing display of flags to honor and remember all those. Very remarkable.

In between all those events was as much grilling out, grubbing, and swimming at my guys parents pool as we could possibly do. It was so good to spend time with his brother who is home from Idaho.

Loads of quality family time made for a perfect weekend.

Photos below, in no particular order.

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