Crazy Good Weekend.

This weekend was nuts.  And nonstop.  Friday was my only rest day, and that’s exactly what I did.  I rested to get ready for the weekend.

Friday night Shiloh and I took a drive for some dinner.  Unfortunately my guy and I had to miss out on a double date with our sweet neighbors.  The guy was still in the field side dressing corn.  I didn’t want to be a third wheel on their date.  Shiloh enjoys rides so we went for one just to take a cruise. 

I love when he sends me these pics.

The next morning I had to be at a brunch and workshop for our local county fair’s queen pageant.  It was nice to meet new girls who would be first timers in our pageant.  They always make me feel young again.  The best part about my queenie duties is hanging out with some of my good friends.  We’re great at getting a lot of stuff done but still having time to chat, which is what we do best.

After that I got to spend time with my best friend’s baby Willow.  She’s super precious and is getting into everything.  Such a fun age.  Willow has the best little two teefers smile going on. 

Isn’t she the cutest?

Sadly I couldn’t stay long and had to head to my next stop.  When I left I had to look at this sad face.  It made me laugh, but also made me feel terrible.  Now I know how my friend Meg feels when she has to leave her for work.  That’s got to be terrible.

All caged up. 

After spending some much needed time with Willow and Meg I went to a local church to watch my little (but not really) cousin play in her last ever piano recital.  She’s a senior.  I’m struggling with it.  I teared up when she played.  Her first time in a piano recital was a duet, with me.  Those were the days.  I’m always so proud of her.  She’s beautiful and has such a kind soul.  Her beauty is not just on the outside it’s all throughout her.  She’s so cool.  Sometimes I wish I was 18 again and could be as cool as her.  She played a song by The Fray and did amazingly.  I’m so glad that many years ago she took up piano.  I love hearing the piano played.  I could sit in Von Maur all the time and listen to the pianist tickle the ivories.  It reminds me of being a child.  It reminds me of hearing my mom practice on Sunday mornings before church.  It reminds me of weekly lessons with my favorite musical teacher.  It brings back so much. 

Then I came home quickly to change and get ready for the Brad Paisley concert. 

Boots on.  Ready to go. 

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go or not because it was so blazing hot and I knew I had to do a 5K the next day, but Meg decided to get a ticket and we made it a girls night.  We had a blast.  We mainly people watched and giggled at all the sites.  We realized we were old because making it up that hill in the lawn required some deep breaths and pains in the thigh region.  We also realized that the annoying drunk chics were exactly who we were two years ago.  We were really that annoying?  Probably.  Did we wear daisy dukes showing half of our butt checks?  Definitely not.  People would have been puking.  This time it only took two drinks for us to get a slight buzz, especially Meg because she’s a momma now and rarely has the time to have a cocktail.  We discussed life, my momma, our future’s, our dreams, and most importantly all the freaks we saw around us.  It felt so good to have a night out with Meg.  I miss those days.  It’s all part of the growing up thing. 

People watching….

Good friends = good times

I’d still like to protest this whole grown up deal. 


On to a busy week now.  Family in town.  Memorial Day weekend festivities.  Can’t wait to share with you some of our family traditions for Memorial Day weekend. 

Oh, and the best part is.  3.  Days.  Left.  and it’s NO WORK FOR TWO MONTHS for this chica.  Jealous? 

I would be.

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