Cupcake Dreams.

There are two cupcake stores in this town that are vying for my affection.  The Flying Cupcake.  Gigi’s. 

You might not be able to believe this but I’ve actually never been to Gigi’s.  I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it and I’ve seen pictures.  I’ve just never been there myself. 

Today I was on my way home from the mall and I saw an electronic billboard that said Turn left at the next light for The Flying Cupcake. 

(insert squealing tires here)

Seriously.  I’m a sucker for cupcakes.  They’re probably my favorite food group ever.  And they are a food group. 

I like to make my own and even have all the basics for decorating.  But, whenever I can buy a good cupcake I’m totally in.  So, I stopped in and found the cutest little cupcake shop ever. 

One cupcake was almost $4.00. 

I’m in the wrong frickin business.

I started simple with a vanilla on vanilla.  Next time I plan to branch out and get the cookies and cream.  There were just way too many choices. 

Dream for my Future: Get married.  Have babies.  Quit my job.  Open a cupcake shop.  Work out daily so I can eat the cupcakes I make.  Live happiliy ever after. 
I’m in the wrong damn business, that’s for sure. 

I’m about to bite into this bad boy.  And as you can see from the picture’s it’s your basic vanilla on vanilla.  I like to start simple.  Then I will work my way up to the equisite ones.

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