Up all night

So, I got a glimpse into the life of a mother with a scared and sleepless child last night.  I have to admit, not the most exciting adventure of my life.  About 4 am this morning coyotes were attacking and eating the life out of something or someone and I think they were right outside my bedroom window.  I mean I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure they were.  Where ever they were, they had Shiloh scared and whining like a baby.  She sat next to my side of the bed licking my hand consistently until I recognized she was there.  I let her into bed with us but that didn’t cure her problem either.  Shiloh and I laid awake from 4 to about 6:30 a.m. watching early morning news shows.  Finally, she fell back asleep and so did I. 

What do you think her dad was doing this whole time? 

Snoring like he’s never snored before. 

I bet in our later years I get up more than he does for the children.  What do you think?

Thsi morning when he finally woke up I told him what happened last night.  He had no idea. 


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