One year….

One year ago tomorrow (well…less than 3 hours) M and I will have met at a tractor pull.  I would have to be honest and say, that we have been together ever since.  We tried to take things slow the first month or two but really it was hard to be apart.  The biggest challenge we faced was harvest and the lack of time and my lack of patience.

I remember coming over one evening after he was done in the fields and we sat on the porch looking out in the backyard and at the barns.  He told me in the nicest and sweetest way possible that we couldn’t spend every waking moment together and that we needed to still do things with friends.  I understood what he meant but at that very moment I wanted so badly to tell him I loved him.  But, I felt it was too soon and I didn’t want to scare him off so I nodded my head and agreed. 

Even though we had that conversation we still spent at least a part of every other day together and it was very rare that we went two or three days without seeing one another.  There was my heart telling me I didn’t need to take it slow.  This was the real deal.  There’s nothing slow about real love.  It just happens…and it happens fast.  Not long after….Romeo told me he loved me and I, of course, told him I loved him too. 

This guy was made for me.  We get each other in every way possible. 

I’ve never in my life been treated the way that M does.  He leaves me love notes.  He pours me a glass of wine when I’m just about out.  He stops at random garage sales and buys things he knows I will love.  He fills up my car just before it gets empty.   He texts me that he misses immediately after I leave the house.  I must admit, sometimes I roll my eyes.  But deep down…I love it. 

And, I love him.    Happy one year baby.  I see at least 50 more in our future 🙂

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