Top 10 for Summer….

10. Seeing my Redneck Romeo off to work each day and getting to lay in bed longer than him 🙂
9. Late nights with my Redneck Romeo.
8. Lunch dates with my Redneck Romeo.
7. Vacations with my Redneck Romeo.

6. Pool time.

5. The 4-H Fair and all the peeps that go with it. 

4. Reading until 1 or 2 am because I don’t have to be up any certain time. 
3. Sleeping in past 9 am with Shiloh.
2. Seeing my niece and nephews so often and doing lots of fun activities. 

1. Doing whatever I want and when I want to do it and loving every minute….especially if it’s with my Redneck Romeo!

But, it’s now back to the real world with a real schedule and getting up before the sun rises.  If only Romeo could hit the lottery then this chic would have it made!

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