Our kid

Our dog, Shiloh, loves to sleep in like her momma.  Shiloh was actually M’s dog before we met, but when we fell in love Shiloh also fell in love with me….at least I think so!  I make her scrambled eggs quite often to keep her black coat shiny.  I give her too many bacon treats.  Most importantly, I love to sleep in with her and cuddle in bed. 

I think Shiloh is realizing that our time of sleeping in til 10 am or later is quickly coming to a halt.  It took me forever to get her out of this position this morning…

Then she rolled over and made this face and it was so irresistible.  So cute the way she looked at me.
So I rolled back over and we slept for another hour.  I mean, life is short, right?
I finally made Shiloh get out of bed and got myself up too and headed into the zoo to get ready for all the animals to arrive Monday.  I am so not ready for summer to be over.  Is it fall break yet?  Think we’ll have a lot of snow days?  Wishful thinking….
But who wouldn’t want to lay with this beautiful baby?
Bonus…..she loves children!
Summer is over 😦  Back to the grind. 
I do love my job and I’m very excited to meet new kiddos on Monday.
I just also love my dog and sleeping in. 
It’s a rough life!

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