One lucky aunt….

I received a text while on vacation with this photo and the message said….”Do you miss me Addie?”

I teared up instantly and screamed “DO I MISS YOU?  OF COURSE I MISS YOU!” 
How could anyone not miss this angel boy. 
With his little punkin tooth popping through the bottom. 
Is he not the most precious thing you have ever seen?
He brings light to every room and smile to every face he sees.
He’s the calmest baby you will ever meet.
His personality is so very laid back. 
He reminds me of my dad, and I love that about him.
This is one of my monkey nephews who we shall name Little B. 
Big B would be his dad. 
Little B is almost 8 months old. 
I want to ball him up and put him in my pocket so he doesn’t get any bigger and his personality stays just the way it is right now. 
He can’t crawl or walk yet and he still likes to snuggle with me and fall asleep.
He’s the perfect age. 
Do you think if I tie his legs together or something he will stop growing?
I may try that….
Then I got a text later when we returned from vaca and they were still on vaca that involved both the loves of my life……minus the blondie nephew who was rockin it in Mickey’s Land. 

AHHHHHHHHHHH!  Both of these faces I have not seen at all in over 10 days and I’m about to die.
Luckily for me, their plane lands soon and me and the pops have the pleasure of picking all the crew up, including the C Man and his dad. 
  I am more than just excited. 
I barely slept last night I am so ready to see my niece and nephews. 
Who wouldn’t want to see those faces?
I am one VERY lucky aunt!

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