Unanswered Prayers

If you’re not familiar with Garth Brook’s “Unanswered Prayers” song you may need to listen to it before you get my point on this one.

One day a while back my guy and I were traveling somewhere in the truck and the song came on.  Of course I sang along because I sing along to everything that comes on.  He was singing as well.  I felt like out of the blue we got to talking about the song and what it meant.  He told me he liked it and it reminded him of us.  At first I was clueless and had no idea what he meant.  Once he explained himself I wanted to cry, curl up next to him, and just hold him.  He was so right.

And that, folks, may just be the one and only time I put down in writing that HE was right. 

Kidding 🙂

He said that long ago before we met each other we’d both been in some pretty rough relationships.  Each of us had probably said some prayers (which was true) that things with those people from our past would work out.  Both of us longed for people to love us like we loved them.  Both of us longed for a beautiful marriage and family.  We both prayed to have that with those from our past.

Well, thank goodness for unanswered prayers.  God obviously had better plans for us.  Those prayers were unanswered and that led me to him and him to me.  And I couldn’t imagine my life any better than it is right now.

So yes, Garth, some of God’s greatest gifts are unaswered prayers.  

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