Lately I’ve been craving Benihana because we recently went there with friends to celebrate a birthday.  I had never been and was worried that I wouldn’t like the food.  I was majorly wrong.  I fell in love with chicken and steak fried rice.  It was a heavenly blend of shocking new flavors and surprises to my taste buds.

So, to save some money in our pocket books I decided to attempt a recipe I had pinned.  I then found several variations of recipes so I decided to combine what I liked from each of them and make my own.

First I cooked my rice in the Pampered Chef Micro Cooker and then set it aside.

Then, I chopped up the chicken into large bite size pieces (next time smaller) and sauteed them in some olive oil.  All the recipes recommended sesame oil…but we didn’t have any.  I may try sesame oil next time to see if it adds even more flavor.

Here’s the chicken….

Now remember….I’m using my iPhone camera AND we have sucky lighting in our kitchen.  

 Then I poured in about a cup of frozen mixed veggies.  The bag we bought had green beans, carrots, peas, and corn.  I also added about half of a chopped yellow onion.  I let those veggies cook for about 2-3 minutes….

And then I dumped in two eggs I had whisked together….

After the eggs started cooking I started chopping and scrambling the egg up with the cooked veggies.  
Then I added the cooked rice, chicken, and soy sauce.  

Stir and mix.  Walah!

 And to be completely honest I made so much chicken AND rice (way overcooked like I typically do) that I actually had two pans going.  
We will be eating on chicken fried rice for days.
Good news is it tasted pretty darn close to Benihana’s.  Bad news is that I got white rice and learned from my trainer that brown rice would have been better.  Plus, rice is a lot of carbs and I’m trying to stay under 100 grams per day.  However, I’ve been really good with my carbs at breakfast and lunch lately so I suppose if this were my dinner occasionally it wouldn’t be awful.  
Anyone want leftovers for lunch tomorrow? 
Stuffed and Content, 


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