Psychotic Insomniac

Overwhelmed is an understatement to explain how I am feeling right now.

We are full fledged in the process of moving.  In fact, in two weeks at this point we will be living in a different home.  Scary but true.  I do NOT feel ready for it all!  Packing is hard.  It’s all stressful. There aren’t enough boxes.  There isn’t enough space.  We have too much crap.

And throughout last week whether the cause be stress or eating some new fruits (to be flippin healthy!) or even the dust and paint from remodeling I developed quite a lovely itchy rash on my back and side that was driving me insane.  Of course I start to freak a bit when I see all those shingles commercials.  Who wouldn’t?  Went to the local minute clinic for them to tell me I was wrong and that it was just a plain ole rash and they have no idea why.  But their cure?  STEROIDS!  PREDNISONE!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Instantly she asks me if I have been on it before and if I knew that it might make me crazy.  That’s always a great feeling.

I have been on it once before due to some crappy poison ivy that a friend forced me into after a wild night at an outdoor concert.  Some friend she is!  (haha – kidding!)

I have felt like a psychotic insomniac since Saturday evening.  I’ve slept very little.  But, boy, have I accomplished a TON for the move and decisions.  I have curtains and rugs picked out for almost every single room.  Paint is decided for every room and only two rooms left to paint.  I picked out carpet today and its installed next week.  Things are really coming along!


Hard decision on this one but I think I’m going with the darker brown, (Burnt Almond) .  We are painting wood paneling walls!  Lots of before and after pics to come at some point.

Definitely do NOT recommend Empire Carpet….go with Tish Flooring if you are in the Indiana area!

I was even sanding wood paneling walls last weekend like a bad ass.
It felt great.  Partially relieved the stress. \
Have you seen the Pins on Pinterest that recommend spray painting Rustoleum’s Oil Brushed Bronze on  old brass stuff?
Ya, I’m doing it…
More pictures to come of final results!

You won’t believe the before and after shots when this is all said and done.

We still have a while though…

After we move in the next step is painting the floors which will get wood paneling….then installing those floors ourselves.  And by ourselves I don’t mean me…I mean the man…Michael.  I’ll sip on a cocktail and watch and look real cute!

I’m actually feeling tired at this point even though I feel like I just typed this in two seconds.  So, I’m going to attempt to lay down and get more than about 4 hours of sleep!

Truly Fortunate for all these Changes (no matter how much stress it’s causing!),

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