My sister found the best app at the new year and I’m so glad she did.  Every day it sends me a happy message and 98% of the time it is exactly what I need to hear.

It’s like an app that speaks to me.  I had no idea that was even possible.

The other day I received this one….

Oh Mary Tyler…

Don’t you know it!

I do feel brave.  Most days.  99% of the time.  And I realize that the cards life has dealt me (and my family) haven’t always been Aces….but we’ve managed to get through.  And if we had never struggled before then would we even be the people we are today?

I know that I sure wouldn’t be.

We haven’t had wonderful things happen to us every day of our lives.  Heck, we’ve had some pretty crappy times but that’s alright. We came out of it all alive…..and together as a family.

We’re brave….

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