Unpack your baggage

My apologies that it has been a while since my last day of writing to you.  Things have been a little crazy up in here.  We moved, finally.  That seemed like it dragged on forever.

And not only did we move, but I have everything unpacked and put away in its place.  Finally.  And when I say everything…I seriously mean that I just unpacked my last box like 20 minutes ago in this here office.

I feel a million bucks better.

I will feel a billion bucks better when we get these last four rooms painted, floored, and the house completely done.  But, for now…it is just one day at a time.  We have four rooms left…..two bathrooms, kitchen/dining, and front room (which I call the piano room).  We have started on one bathroom.  By “we” I mean my pops and my guy.  I attempted getting the border off the walls of that $8%#^ bathroom but ended up in tears and in the kitchen making food (my comfort zone).

Through all this I realized we have a ton of CRAP.  I mean absolute crap.  How do two people acquire so much crap?  Some how we have.  Don’t get me wrong we have some amazing antique pieces of furniture passed down from wonderful people….but when I had to literally pack every piece of thing we own I realized we keep everything.  My guy, more s,o than me.  He is a certified hoarder.  I may hoard certain things, like pictures and small memories.  But that boy hoards it all.  God love him.

Biggest accomplishment of the move…..we never argued once.  We had our crap together and honest to goodness we were loaded and unloaded in three hours.  Now, we had the world’s best movers….so that certainly helped!  It went WAY quicker than I had expected it to go.  We were very blessed to have all the help we did.

Now I get to sit and dwell on where to hang all these pictures and such.  I am no good at this kind of thing…and really the Pinterest ideas look wonderful on my iPad screen but they do not help me at all.  I need a Pinterest Peep to come and actually hang them where they go best.  Or my sister.  Or someone.  I just can’t do it myself.

I have so much to blog about and catch up on but I will try and narrow it down to the most important things and hopefully hit upon them in the next week…..

1. Relay for Life Kickoff was A-MA-ZING!  We got 5 new teams and there were tons of awesome peeps there to kick off the Relay party!  GAME ON!

2. One room at a time I will post a blog on room updates and changes that we made.  We did use lots of tricks and tips from Pinterest and every room (I feel like) has our own touch to it.  That’s what I love about making a house a home with my guy.  It was a home before we got here, but it was important to both of us to make it our own.

3. My oldest nephew has been seriously rocking it on the courts lately……and I want to tell you how I already know I cannot coach my future children’s sports teams.

4. Grunching – A new term I learned this weekend while with my crazy cousin and her hubs on a trip to Goodwill.

5. And this whole eating healthy deal I’ve been trying recently in an attempt to truly get under “that number” that has been hanging over my head for what seems like a decade now.

So…it looks like I have lots to tell you!  Hopefully you look forward to hearing it all.  If not, you’re going to anyways!

To end….I saw this on Instagram, or Pinterest, or one of those apps I check constantly on my phone and I immediately thought of my amazing guy….

I thank the good Lord everyday that I found someone who loves me enough to unpack. 
Hugs to all! 

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