Said yes to the dress

Saturday was the day to find the dress and it happened!
I woke up nervous as all get out.  I cried a little in the shower thinking about doing all this without mom.  I have a feeling those tears are going to flow heavily throughout the next 137 days.  
Riding with my MOH and best friend was a major stress reliever as we talked about girly wedding things the whole way and listened to baby Walker coo.
We arrived at our first place hoping for success but we weren’t so successful.  There were SO many fun dresses to try on.  There were even some great prom dresses to look at!  Miss Becky has so much to offer!  It was the perfect opportunity for me to try on a huge variety of dresses and get a feel for what I liked and didn’t like. 
Before we left little Mr. MOH decided he needed a changing. 
I have never.  
ever ever.  
ever never ever. 
seen anything..
or smelled anything…
like it!
We ruined that place for sure.  
But he’s so dang cute! 

After we had a delicious lunch at Mackenzie River Pizza.  Delicious food and wonderful family to celebrate with!
Have I told you yet how incredibly blessed I am to be surrounded by amazing women?  
Well, I am. 
My MOH is my best friend since practically her birth, Megan.  Her family is near and dear to my heart and always will be.  We may not be related but we practically are.  
My sister and Michelle are two of my bridesmaids and although Michelle isn’t technically a sister, she basically is.  Their little munchkins are flower girls and ring bearers.  I wish I had a photo of the girls from that day without me in it to spoil…but I don’t!
They were such wonderful little helpers.  They followed me around and picked up my train for “practice” for our big day.  They even had the chance to try on flower girl dresses and loved every minute of it.  
My Aunt Beth and Aunt Cathy are my momma’s sisters.  Together with Patty (mom’s best friend), Denise, and several other incredible women the empty spot of missing mom is always filled with a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to me whine, and all the things a daughter misses from a mom.  I’m incredibly lucky to have them. 
I also wanted Michael’s mom to join us for dress shopping.  Since she has two boys she kind of misses out on all that girly stuff!  
It was an amazing day to say the least!

I found the dress at David’s and NO I am not telling you what it looks like, showing you a picture, nothing.  You’ll have to wait for wedding day pictures!

Getting ready to make the big purchase!  

Feeling the love as I make some serious game day decisions.  

They fail to mention to you the things they are going to throw in and charge you for.

Kind of like buying a new car.

A slip for this much, a preservation kit for this much, a garment bag that you must have, blah blah blah.

Nerves got the best of me and I bought it all.  Figured it was easier than second guessing and wishing I had bought it all!  Probably not necessary but in the grand scheme of things I’m not going to worry about it too much.

One little bit of advice for future brides:  Do NOT go on a Saturday to David’s Bridal.  They were friendly and helpful and did the best they could but that place is freaking nuts.  Ridiculous nuts.  Almost not fun nuts.  I would highly suggest going on a week night if you can!

Our next trip for bridesmaids dresses is on a week night to avoid that madness.

Photographer is booked.
DJ is booked.
Photobooth booked.
Tasting scheduled for a couple weeks.
Decorations are left to decide.
And all those minor little things.

And our website on The Knot….

Oh yah…..and a honey moon too.

Hopefully the man decides or asks real soon if he can take some time off following the wedding.

Otherwise, this chic is going on a honeymoon alone!


Or, am I?

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