Decisions = Exhaustion

This explains our day…

Exhausted with a gun.
We tackled an invitations decision last night.  (Thanks Chad!)
We tackled decoration and bouquet decisions with our event planner extraordinaire this morning.  (Thanks Ashley!)
We tackled Macy’s gift registry.  And by the way, best experience ever.  Neither of us were looking forward to going to Macy’s to register but we had several people suggest it.  By far it was the best experience of customer service we have ever had.  The lady that worked with us, Heidi, was absolutely incredible.  She was so very helpful and we left with huge smiles on our face and ready to tackle the next store.  

Then, we stopped for a little rejuvenation at Hooter’s.  We love their wings.  He probably loves more than the wings, but I’m totally fine with that.  The Bluemoon tastes mighty fine too after a few hours of complicated decisions.  
Then, we tackled our Target registry.  The photo from way above explains my almost meltdown half way through when our gun battery died.  We had to walk all the way back up to the front for a new gun.  We stopped at the snack shop for a little refreshment where I almost passed out from serious exhaustion.  
These decisions were way more complicated than I ever imagined.  They literally have EVERYTHING you could ever imagine.  And to make matters worse….they have about a bajillion different styles of everything as well.  
Total freaking chaos for a gal like me who sucks at making decisions. 
But, with my sweetie pie by my side we made it through the day. 
and….we had FUN!  
It’s actually pretty awesome how much fun we have together at something that others consider so daunting or miserable.  
I’m not sure he was totally looking forward to it like I had been all week, but he hung in there and made it happen.  He let me control the gun for the most part.  We took turns with the power.  The power felt great.  I kind of wish I had a scanner gun thingy for every day purposes.  Not sure what I would use it for, but it would make me happy to scan things.  Does this mean I need a job in retail? 
Sorry, got off track dreaming about that gun. 
That day number keeps shrinking….
Down to 133.  I have a feeling at 100 I’m gonna spend my day hibernating in bed with a major panic attack.  
Wish me luck!
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