A growing list

I had no idea when I was begging for the idea of an engagement ring and marriage that there would be this much stuff to do.

It seems like as soon as I cross something off the list of wedding to do’s I add about ten more things.  It’s never ending!

Not to mention the fact that we (me) are trying to pull this thing off in around 5 months.  Whoever thought that was a good idea (me) should be shot.  Okay, maybe not shot but seriously taught a lesson.

Besides the fact that I’m overly stressed to the point of neck pain and multiple doses of anxiety medications, everything seems to be going totally fine.

We really do have the major stuff under control and at this point working on all the small details.  However, there are so many stinking small details!  They really seem like medium size details.

Like….which necklace should I get for my dress?

I went with this one.  Hoping it looks good!
And what kind of salad dressing will everyone want? 

And how can I sneak all the leftover bread out of there after the reception? yum

And what color of sashes and napkins do we get?  DEFINITELY not this ensemble.  Puke.  John Deere fans maybe? 
And how did we get such adorable flower girls? 
And will they really walk down the aisle?

And, what size paper bags for the candy buffet? 

 And, is my friend Ashley really going to be ready to tackle this list I have going for her?  She has all the wedding expertise but does she know what she’s getting herself into? 

And, how can I make this entry way cute for the wedding? 

 And how many more pictures is my excited father going to take?  
Side note: Have I told you how adorably excited he is?  I never imagined he would be so excited to help us plan our wedding.  From picking out a venue to tasting the delicious food.  It’s all wedding talk and I can’t figure out if he is just so happy for me or so excited to give me away and be done with me!  Ha!

Tasting complete.  Bellies full.  

 Is it really worth if to stand in a 2 1/2 hour long line for passports? 
Especially when we still have no clue where we are even going for our honeymoon!
Which cake should we pick? 
No worries, I’m an expert dessert taster.  Pink lemonade it is…..with some cheesecake filling. 
I know it sounds weird, but don’t hate.  

Will my future SIL find a dress she loves?  
Some how we successfully found dresses for all the other bridesmaids, but they are all from here. 
Poor Weezy has to figure this out on her own out in Idaho.  
I have total faith in her.

All these questions and so little time to answer it.  Like 100 something days? 
I’m stressed. 
A little overwhelmed. 
But I wouldn’t trade this excitement for ANYTHING in the world!

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