Meet the Maids #1

Meet the Maids round 1.  A letter to my MOH Megan.

You’ve been my best friend since practically birth.  You’ve shared your family with me through life, in good times and bad.  You’ve shared your brother as my best guy friend.  You’ve shared your mom and let me act like she’s my own.  I feel like we’re sisters, of course I’m the older, much wiser, one.  Although, too often you’ve had to be the wiser one and set me straight.  You’ve shared your grandparents and let me act like they were my own.  You’ve even shared your husband, and not in a weird way but like a protective older brother way.  You’ve shared your babies and let me dote on them and love them like my own.  You’ve let me feel like your family is mine.  Throughout school everyone always thought we were related somehow.  Nope, not technically.  Yet, we basically are.

Family isn’t always blood.  It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs.  The ones who accept you for who you are.  The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.

You’ve always accepted me for who I am…..and given me great advice when I’m not being my best.  Always without judgment.

You would do anything to see me smile, and you do so quite well.  If I need a laugh, I can always call on you.  We can go without talking for days, even weeks sometimes and when I call you we are right back where we were before.  I love that about us.

You love me no matter what.

She’s been there from Sunday school days to hospital stays with a newborn.

We have truly been through it all.

Here’s a few snapshots (okay, maybe more than a few) of life together with Meg.

Many years of Ichthus.  Hair wraps, meeting boys, and of course some serious bible studies.  Maybe a few more boys than bible studies but we totally had Him in mind.  

Youth group outings.
Fashion revue in 4-H. 
Apparently peace signs were cool back then.  

Hog shows.  
Always sporting the Ralph Lauren shirts and beautiful bow in hair.  Thanks Deni!
More Ichthus…
County fair fun.  Matching shirts because we WERE that cool!
Still are actually….

You sharing your big brother Teddy with me.  I think he probably loved the attention.   

Finally when you reached high school we were able to enjoy homecomings, basketball, and football games together.

There’s something about a blonde and a red head. 
Like, Thelma and Louise?  
I love us.  

What we were thinking with these outfits?  Your dress was adorable.  My non-fitting, velvety leopard top was atrocious.  Why didn’t anyone warn me?
And those ridiculous matching shoes I made. 
Remember the screaming match you had trying to finish this dress? 
I do. 🙂
Good times…

More Ichthus.  Jenny Cain and some awesome visors!
Another atrocious outfit.  Me in a formal gown that clearly looks like bad lingerie and you in the most adorable capris with jacket.  Looked great with your red hair.  🙂
After looking through pictures, this picture below seems to be the only year that both of us had decent taste in outfits.  A wool jacket that still hangs in my closet and you in a beautiful top and skirt!  It was a skirt, right? I couldn’t figure out the bottom half from my photos. 
Formal dances at school.  This picture was taken just about a week after mom died.  
Another major life event that you were right there holding my hand through. 
I couldn’t ask for a better friend.  
We all loved the princesses.  
One of our many pool days with Katie and Jenny spent relaxing avoiding 4H projects. 
You will always be Ariel, me as Cinderella, Katie as Sleeping Beauty, and Jenny as Belle.  
As Jenny would say, “Fair Hoes for Life”

Love this picture.  We always be friends.  I hope some day we can be the old ladies of Mohawk together.  

I hate this picture of myself, but you look stunning!

Not sure what event this was for, but I’m damn sure we had fun!
I know this because I found other photos from this night which can never be exposed to the internet.

I love your mom.  I love that she loves me.  I’m so very lucky.  

Some sort of concert at the state fair.
Why didn’t you tell me that I was way too crazy to wear a stars and stripes cowgirl hat? 
A love for 4-H has turned us into the Queen’s Committee.
I couldn’t imagine myself spending my summers (and April and May) with any other three than you crazy B’s!
Concerts forever.
I hope you can make it to a few with me this year.  

Your bachelorette party.
This was the only photo acceptable!
We had so much fun that night and I can’t wait to do it again for mine.
I’ll never forget getting the picture of your ring the day he proposed to you.
I was so happy, yet sad that I would have to move out and our roommate status was being trumped by Jeff.
Mostly though, I was happy.  My best friend met her best friend.
It was time for me to move out and let you two start a life together.  

Getting ready for your wedding was a blast.  

There wasn’t a moment during your engagement (that I can recall) where you weren’t glowing like you are in these pictures.
I can remember a night with my new roommate where I just cried.  All I ever wanted was happiness like you had found.
Guess what?  I FOUND IT!

About to be newlyweds!

You getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry your best friend.
Me trying to fight back the tears that my best friend was lucky enough to meet her match.  

For life…

You were married and we partied in the bus the whole way there.  

More time at the fair.
Remember how I borrowed the shirt you have on and never gave it back for like, ever?
I wish I still had it…

This is the night I met my fiance.
I remember your husband being protective.  He was always protective of me.  
Our cups we made on the ride to Bowling Green.
And some sort of dance party after…

Green vs. Red  And a screaming baby Musselman!

And THEN you broke the news that you were about to have a baby.
A little baby girl.
A fair queen to raise!
We all threw a baby shower for you and loved helping you get ready. 

You were glowing!

And then one sweet night during the County Fair you had Miss Willow.
The first time I got to see her Jeff was watching over her why they checked her out.
I caught this photo of him grinning ear to ear.
I still love seeing this picture.  He was so happy.
When I see him now he’s definitely a “World’s Best Daddy” candidate.  

And Willow grew up.
To a sweet little petunia.
Who likes to smear pudding on her momma’s face.
And before her momma can wipe it off, I quickly sneak a pciture…because that’s what best friends do!

We took a trip to Brown County.
We found out that road trips and hotel stays aren’t quite as fun with a toddler, but close enough.
Thank goodness for your mom and that bottle of wine.  

Shopping and taking a break are always fun with you.  

We’re also very good at wearing her out after shopping.
Some day she will learn to carry our bags and swipe her credit card too!

And sometimes when we shop I ask her to smile and I get this. 

And winning her gold fish at the County Fair is very important.
Because it  makes you roll your eyes and thank me for a new pet.  🙂

A trip to Ball State and lunch out with the girls.  

Sitting with a former Lady Marauder to watch them win STATE!

And about a year after saying hello to your new baby boy.
Getting to spend the night with you so Jeffy could be with Willow was one of the best nights ever.
A true experience into real life motherhood.
Waking up every two hours to keep you company during feeds.
Holding sweet baby after feeds so you could catch some sleep.
Just quality girl time.  

And you headed off into the winter storm to take his sweetness home.  

You may not like this picture, but I think it totally captures the moment.
You looked nervous and excited all in the same!

And I love to cuddle his chubbiness.
He’s just the most perfect little baby.  

I love your family.
Every single one of them.  

You can tell that I’m very blessed with you as a best friend.  We’ve been through it all and there is so much more to come.

I look forward to the next 50 some years of wedded bliss, babies, and making memories. I hope we can someday sit in a pew together at Mohawk with our partners in crime, Katie and Jenny, reminiscing on all of our good times.  We’ve sure had so many.

Love you Meg!

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