Meet the Maids #2

A letter to my bridesmaid and my sister,

You’ve literally been there for me since birth.  I annoyed the crap out of you the best that I could growing up.  I can remember singing in our bunk beds and you screaming at me to stop.  Unfortunately for you I enjoyed singing myself to sleep….or singing anywhere for that matter.

We went from bunk mates to sisters down the hall.  I secretly hated having my own room, although I know you enjoyed it thoroughly.  We figured out ways to torture our brother the best that we could.  When you left for college I felt completely lost.  Even though we were years apart, 8 to be exact, you were always there for me.  I could never really thank you enough.

In our worst of times you were right by my side, letting me cry on your shoulder and sleep in your bed.  We couldn’t believe the woman who taught us so much was gone.  The best of a terrible situation was looking to you for all the things I would have looked to mom for.  You let me look to you and you put up with a lot of my crap.  You let me live with you in some of less than finer moments.  I became a part of your new little family and have always felt that way.  I’m grateful for your husband who takes care of me like I’m his own sister and not just some sister-in-law.

It has taken me weeks to write this because each time I sit down to express my feelings about my sister, my bridesmaid, my friend…I feel overwhelmed.  There is so much I look to her for and boy…. am I glad she can handle it.  I would be lost without my sister.  I love her kids and can’t imagine loving my own more than them someday, though I’m sure I will.

So happy she will stand with me on our big day!

You’re looking at me all lovingly and Josh is looking straight crazy.  

Your hair was just as amazing as you are.  No idea what the white dot is on Josh’s head.  
Easter at Grandma and Grandpa’s with Melissa.  The days where the two of you used me like your real life baby doll.  

Our trip together to Disney and stuffing our faces on the bus ride home.  

Helping me get through 4-H after losing mom.  We made it through that and never killed each other.  

Being your bridesmaid and catching the bouquet!

What would I do without the two of you? 

Love you both to the moon and back.  

Your family means so much to me.  

Thank you for all the wonderful days over school breaks, weekends, and summer time where we spend time together.  I love those days and all that time together.  

Graduating college with my Master’s, which I started with you a few years before.  

Family Forever.  

Days at the park.  Days anywhere during summer.  Days together are the best!

Date nights too with our guys.  

Teaching me to make strawberry jam.  

 You’ve taught me so much.  I’m sure I’ll continue to learn many of life’s lessons by nagging you with questions.  Hope you don’t mind!


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