Meet the Maids #3

Michelle, my other sister….

Growing up with you was a blast.  You were like my other big sister.  Someone else to pick on me, and love me, and help guide me along the way.

I love everything about you, your crazy life, and your cute little family.  You don’t have to have the same blood to feel related to someone.  You’ve always been an honorary “Snider” and there’s no going back now.  Many people think we are sisters anyways….might as well be!

I love your bubbly personality and your smile.
I love that we share a Mr. Mole together.
I love that you’ve always been there for our entire family.
I love that we have so many vacation memories together and get to make even more this summer.
I love having an ongoing text conversation with you and my sister every single day.
I love barreling through the county fair together smelling like pigs.
I love everything about you!

Thank you for standing next to me on our big day.  It means the world to me!

By the way…..what time is it in Nashville?

A trip to Nashville that we need to make happen more often.
We loved meeting Ken and Jess!

A little time with Elvis.  

Thank you for putting up with me in 4-H and helping make Cinderella happen!

Remember this trip to Michigan?  Jet skis with Lauren?
You don’t look very happy with us….

Birthday celebrations. 

Looking nice for the queen contest only to be down poured on shortly later…

Welcome to the club! (evil laugh)

Making memories with our loved ones.  
I simply wouldn’t have it any other way. 
Now that I think about it…I’m so very glad our parents were best friends.  I wouldn’t have you in my life if they weren’t!
And I guess it’s okay that your mom never had a sibling pair for me.  Because, I’m sure there’s no way they could have ever topped you!

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