Meet the Maids #4

Meet the Maids #4

My bestie.  My work bestie who I know longer work with.  The friend that I was brought to by an old yucky relationship.  Boy am I glad I’m out of that relationship but I am incredibly thankful that he brought me to her in a twisted little way!

I remember him saying, “Hey, Pickle’s wife works at that school.”

I remember meeting you and knowing in that very instant we would be best friends for life.

We’re waaaaaaay too much alike not to be.

I love you so much Miss Amanda.
I love your smile.
I love your beautiful dark curly hair.
I love your three crazy babies.
I love that you laugh at my jokes and think I’m sassy and strong.
I love that we always get along.
I love that we can go weeks without talking but you always know just what to say.
I love the icing you make for your cakes.
I love that I can walk with you for 13.1 miles and never run out of things to say.
I love that I kind of forgot your birthday and was late to Zumba recently and you don’t hate me.
I love how incredible of a mom you are.
I love that you go the extra mile for your kids, your husband, and your friends….always.
I love our play dates in the summer.
I love your passion for teaching.

I loved our time getting our Master’s together. Want to take more classes?! HA!
I love our addiction to tattoo’s. Yours are just as cool as mine. 🙂

I hate that we don’t work in the same building anymore (I know….I know….this is partially my fault!)

Bottom line is….I’m incredibly lucky to have you as a friend.  A true, honest, caring, and loving friend.

Thank you for sharing our special day with us!  You look GREAT in your dress, necklace, and boots.  I’m so glad you’re just as excited for all this as I am!

This sweet boy always melts my heart.  He is so caring, just like his momma!

And this stinker….still as sweet as can be and awfully adorable too!
Thank you for always sharing your babies with me and sending me sweet photos like this one.  

We always have a good time together. 
Our first mini together!  Looking excited before it starts.  

Even when I’m complaining the whole way you’re still smiling.  

Kissing the bricks!


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