Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was perfection.  
At a little spot we love to eat dinner at. …. Wolfies Waterfront Grill in Noblesville.  
Our favorite things picked off their menu. 
Our favorite people to help us celebrate. 
A cozy little spot in their upstairs for just us and our family and friends. 
Just like everything….the night flew by and before you know it we went from hellos to goodbyes.  
That’s the only thing I hate about life….how quickly it flashes before our eyes. 
I’m so glad that Codi and Aunt Cathy could capture some of the moments of the evening for us. 
Our head flower girl, Shailynn

So grown up…so handsome.  

Brody Boy

Kate and Melissa

Walker was very popular.
Here he is with his girl, Kynsey.  

Brody and Chey

Chrissy and Joe Paul

Aunt Beth and Aunt Cathy!

Mallory and Amanda

Me and my MOH Meg!

The uncles in deep conversation

Chunky man Walker

And we got to celebrate with Patty!

Singing Happy Birthday to Patty

Bryce and Kynsey

Joel and Kelli

Sarah and Matt

Friends at the table!

Aunt Beth and Uncle John

The twins!

Aunt Cathy and Wood

The ring bearers are loving their suspenders

Father and sons 

We’ll never be able to thank those quite enough for their love and support throughout our wedding.  I can’t believe it’s already been a month since the big celebration.  We are still trying to find out what a normal life is with all the business!

Love to all,

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