Test Day 1 = Success

Today was Test day 1 for Shiloh. 
See the baby gate?
That’s our attempt at keeping Shiloh out of the living room and off the furniture. 
On Sunday we made our first big married couple purchase….. A new couch and new recliner for the living room. 
The only problem with that is our 5 year old puppy Shiloh. She not only enjoys eating trash but also enjoys eating furniture. She went so long without eating a pillow…..but slipped up a few weeks ago. 
So yesterday we set up a baby gate. 
Today I came home and the baby gate was still up and she was still on the correct side of it. So….I praised her and gave her a treat. 
I know she’s probably teasing me. We will try again tomorrow and keep trying until the new furniture arrives. Even then she may stay in the garage so I can get though the day without worrying if my new couch is tore up. 
And please save yourself the trouble. We aren’t trying a crate. She’s never been in one and it’s too late now….we feel. So, save your breath. 🙂

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