That First Look

Before I saw the man I would spend the rest of my life with….I wanted to see the guy who would give me away.  
Emotions ran high for some very obvious reasons.  
I was more nerve that my dad would be a mess and then I became a mess.  The thought that I would be given away almost terrified me.  For 30+ years I was his little girl.  Now, I had to grow up and start a family with someone.  Hopefully someday have our own little ones.  
Seeing my dad brought up so many thoughts and emotions. 
He looked so handsome. 
Looking back I feel like after this moment the entire day just flew by. 
Again, I want to thank Meigan and McKinsey with Blink Photography for capturing all these amazing moments.  

Then the photo gals took me outside to wait for my guy. 
The look on his face was priceless.  
He looked terrified, yet ecstatic.  

He grabbed my hands and said, “wow….that dress”
Those words said it all. 

I probably could have stayed in this moment for the rest of the day.
Just looking at each other. 
Melting away in the heat….and love.  

Then he pulled away again and just kept looking me over. 
That, ladies, makes you feel REAAAAALLLLLL good. 

And we walked towards the gazebo.  The place we would say “I Do” just a few short hours later.  
I knew I wouldn’t have the sense to take it all in during the moment of the actual vows so I’m glad we took the opportunity during photos to do so.  

This man is my forever.  

Love him so, 

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