Prepping for the walk

It took a lot of hard work to get us ladies looking gorgeous for the wedding.  Thank you so much to Codi and Aunt Cathy for documenting the preparation and to the team from Capello Hair Designs…..Katie, Holly, and Hannah.  We thank you so much!  They came to Blu Falls and prepped us all right then and there.  It worked out perfectly. 
So glad we had a large bridal suite to make it all work.  Of course we were crammed in there and bags were everywhere….but we definitely made it work.  

And I did have a little time to lounge.  

They have a jacuzzi tub…in the bridal suite.  Who in the heck would have time do take a bath??
Not me!

But I had time for a picture….

The decorating crew who I could never thank enough….Kelli and Trisha.

Me and my girls!

Finally my turn!

Also a huge thank you to our makeup artist….Melissa, my very dear cousin!
She is AMAZING with makeup and offered to take help me out.  

Love this photo.  Me and Shai getting our hair done.  

There were a MILLION bobby pins in this head.
Had to be.
Took me over 30 minutes to take my hair down!

Also…LOVE this photo.  She looks so excited!

Good thing Mikey likes big butts!

and he cannot lie….

Some more photos from our amazing photographer Meigan with Blink.  You can check her out here
She’s simply incredible.  She took photos of everything I wanted….and more.  She is so much fun to work with and constantly had us laughing.  Very easy going!  Highly recommend her!


I loved going through all the photos of Mikey getting ready with the guys.  This is when I wish we could rewind to that day and I could be a fly on the wall.  I want to see all the things I missed!  

So handsome.
Getting his tie adjusted by his dad.  

Then it was time to squeeze my booty in the dress. 
And a tight fit it was. 
Apparently the County Fair and vacation right before your wedding are not great for your waist line.  

One thing I didn’t want to cover was my tattoo.
It means so much to me.
It’s like that old phrase….”If you got it, flaunt it.”

Boots on!

The final moment of panic as my sister tries to fit me in!

This moment was hard.  Not going to lie. 
I love my sister to death and I’m so glad she could be there for this special moment. 
It was tough to miss my mom so much and realize that this is just one more of those things she’s had to miss. 
I realize she has an amazing seat in heaven, but boy it sure would be easier with her here!
Finishing touches!

You know how we all hate looking at photos of ourselves?

Well this one….I don’t.  I kind of love me here.  


Brody saw me first.
His reaction….”Oh my….you look like a princess.”
Made my day….and made me tear up a bit.  

The necklace I bought from Etsy through a lady from Australia.  Highly recommend her jewelry.  Gorgeous!

And a bracelet my mom use to wear….her mother’s bracelet. 

Four things a bride must have….and I kind of forgot about until the last minute.
Thank goodness for my sister who stepped in quickly and took care of in the last week as I panicked a bit.

Something borrowed – The bracelet was my mom’s and my sister had it….so I borrowed it!
Something blue – I took one of my grandpa Snider’s old jean shirts that I had and cut a heart of it.  Sewed the heart in my dress
Something old – On my bouquet I had my mom’s wedding charm.  The charm my dad bought her when they got married
Something new – A charm my sister made me for my bouquet that had my mom’s photo

So many people to thank for making our day so amazing!

Next up….”That first look”

Have a great Thursday!

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