I’ve got to get over….

My sincere disgust and hatred for baby food, baby snot, and runny baby poo. 

I can handle a wet diaper. 
I can handle a solid poo. 
I can handle the bottle feeding. 
But for the most part I gag with the rest. 
Especially those gross baby foods. Carrots liquified? Nah. Chicken and noodles liquified?  Terrible. 
According to this cutie they all taste amazing. 
And he has NOT missed a meal. 
Talk about the best baby on this planet. That kid totally is. 
A good eater. 
All that and more. 
I’ve had the sincere pleasure of watching him twice over Fall Break. Both times I’ve found myself gagging during our feeding sessions. It doesn’t bother me too much to feed him, but it’s the clean up process. I swear I went through an entire package of baby wipes. (sorry Meg) I kept wiping after every bite to avoid a bigger mess to see if that would help. Every time the food got on my finger I gagged some more. 
Even bigger problem….my husband is worse. He gags just at a dirty face. We are so screwed. 
This little guy was just as emotionally exhausted as me after the whole gagging ordeal. 
I think he was saying something like….”Get over it lady.”
I really do need to get over it. Babies are precious and we can’t wait to have one. I just may need to strengthen my gag reflex before then. 
How could you not love this chunky monkey? 

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