Relay Fundraiser!

RELAY FUNDRAISER ALERT!  $5 Personalized Christmas gift!

How about the perfect personalized Christmas gift for someone you love? Even better….you’ll be donating to my favorite charity AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY and RELAY FOR LIFE if you order!

For a simple $5 donation to my Relay for Life page I will design your very own “words of affirmation” print. This is an 8×10 design that you can either print at home or a local store (Staples, Kinko’s, Walgreens, etc.) for as low as $3. Add a super cute frame and you’ve got an awesome Christmas/Birthday gift for super cheap with the peace of mind that you’ve done a little part in the effort to stop cancer.

Here are the details:
This design is for a JPG image that you receive. Frame is not included.
Please include ALL of the following in your email or message order
1. Name of person describing
2. Description words: 10-18 work best
3. One Background Color (I can also do textures like paper, wood, burlap, etc.)
4. 1-4 Text Colors
5. If you would like an image added
6. The EMAIL where you would like the proof sent
I’m guessing turn around time will be 3-5 days. You will receive the proof of your design through email. There is no shipping cost because it is a digital product You can print at places such as Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Kinkos, etc. as a poster and frame or mount on foam board. You can print on matte paper, card stock or regular paper and then mount on foam board or you can frame it.
You will go to my Relay page (see below) to donate the $5 or you can mail me a check made out to American Cancer Society.

I’ve included 2 samples as well. Mark one more thing off your Christmas list! You can Private Message me on Facebook or contact me at

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