Oh Holy Cry

So ya know I’ve been crying a lot, right? 
Well every time I hear “Oh Holy Night” I shed some tears. Sometimes it’s those blubbering idiot tears and sometimes it’s just one little happy tear lingering down the cheek. 
(Side note – Silent Night makes me shed a tear too. And just recently I’ve been listening to my iTunes Radio. I heard a Kelly Clarkson version with Trisha and Reba. Wow. I may be biased as a country music fan. But woah. Chilling good.)
I have so many memories of that song, but mainly the joy in my mom’s face when I would play it on the piano. And particularly the joy on my grandma and grandpas face when I surprised them by playing it at their church Christmas Eve service so many years ago. 
And just the other day as I shed a tear while listening to Mariah hit all those ridiculous notes I turned from complete sadness to maniacal laughter. 
Because I remembered another time at my grandparents church that my hair literally caught on fire. 
I had a perm and loads of hairspray. As we passed around the candles at Christmas Eve service the candle got a little too close and POOF it was up in flames. Nothing terrible. But slightly burning. Then my super Aunt Shelley saved the day by hitting my head and patting those flames gone. 

Will never ever ever forget that Christmas Eve service in that sweet little country church. I miss going there and having our cousins sleepover on Christmas Eve on the floor of my grandparents living room. Looking back I’m not sure I fully understood how lucky I was to have so many cousins, loving grandparents who took in ALL their kids and grandkids for Christmas Eve service, and the memories to live forever. 

So the song brings about tears. Tears of pretty awesome memories and a reminder that life changes so quickly. What I wouldn’t give to be a kid again and opening my stocking with all my cousins Christmas cousin.

Those were the days. 
P.S. Remember to always hug and kiss those you love. I’ve seen the heartbreak of a very good friend and sweet kids to the loss of a loved one.  I watched a horrible car accident last night. All those things in one week. 
People, life is short. Live it. 

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