Post Christmas Blues

I always get the post Christmas blues. The evening of or day after glum that my favorite time of year is already over. The sadness that I have to wait a whole other year before I can experience the spirit of Christmas. 
This year I listened to my sweet husband sleeping and snoring by 7 pm on Chridtmas evening. I watched some extremely lame Christmas movie with Larry the Cable Guy and as lame as it was I just sat there and cried. 
I determined right then and there that we would create our own Christmas evening tradition beginning next year. A special dinner or meal with family at home, a unique restaurant dinner, or just pizza and games with friends. Something has to happen to avoid the gloom!
Christmas was over. I was depressed. 
Not depressed by the fact that I wasn’t getting anymore gifts or I wouldn’t hear my favorite songs,  but because the overload of family time was coming to a halt. 
I will miss how Christmas keeps us all together. 
I know my family is closer than most. For that I am grateful. 
But there is always a piece of me who hits those post Christmas blues. 
Anyone else?

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