Reflections and Resolutions

Back on January 1st of 2014 I vowed to make these my goals….

A bad habit I’m going to break: leaving my straight iron on
didn’t totally happen but I did purchase one that turns off automatically!  score!

A new skill I’d like to learn: quilting…something very simple
nope…didn’t accomplish because my sewing machine broke.  Currently searching for a replacement

A person I hope to be more like: Pioneer Woman
I did try many new meals (a lot of hers) so we shall call this one a success – However tonight I tried her corned beef and cabbage and it was a major FAIL.  Never again.  I also think my nose is absolutely ruined from the smell.  

A good deed I’m going to do: serve at a women’s shelter or soup kitchen
Did not accomplish….fail

A place I’d like to visit: Idaho
Our next vacation…for sure!  Hopefully summer. 

A book I’d like to read: the Bible
read more this year than the year before!

A letter I’m going to write: to my friend Lauren R
communicated a little but no official letter…

A new food I’d like to try: some Asian cuisine besides chicken fried rice

I’m going to do better at: communicating to my loved ones
I think success….some may disagree

So as the year 2015 begins I’d like to tell you about a few things I plan to work on.  Some people call these resolutions….these are just my HOPES.  I feel like the word “hopes” is a bit more realistic.

My 2015 hopes and plans….

1) I’ve joined the SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) thanks to my friend Jeffer’s invite.  The idea is that I will be memorizing 24 verses of scripture in the next 12 months.  I’m pretty psyched because this will get me reading the bible more, talking to God more, and using His word to guide me and calm me down a bit.  I’ve decided to start with Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  (NIV)

I chose this particular verse because I’ve been having anxiety and worry about our next step in life….children.  It’s not happened quite as quickly as I would have liked.  So through reading this and memorizing it I plan to work on not being anxious and presenting my requests to God through praying just a little more often….especially when I get anxious.

You can find out more about the SSMT by clicking here   It’s through Living Proof Ministries and one of my favorite gals to listen to and get inspiration and guidance from….Beth Moore.  

2)  Less junk food and sticking to the NO’s on my grocery list.  I always keep my grocery list as a “note” on my phone.  I’ve added some no’s to that list….such as Pepsi.  I may treat myself to the occasional pop but I’m no longer going to keep it in the house.  No more buying that Kettle corn popcorn Smartpop I love so much.  There is nothing “smart” about that stuff when you can consume an entire bag, by yourself, in one sitting.  No more purchasing chocolate….my students already know it’s my weakness and they provide me with enough in gifts.  I swear I have enough chocolate from their Christmas presents to last me until next Christmas.  I’m not buying it anymore! I’d like to also say no more ice cream….but saying no just seems silly  How about less?

3) Workout 4 days a week.  Lately I’ve been squeezing in 1…maybe 2 days.  Which is such a waste of my gym membership.  I always tell myself I’m too busy, but I know I feel better after I get there…even if it’s for only half an hour.  In that half an hour I can get 2-3 miles wogged and feel better and maybe…just maybe…eventually look better.

4) No credit cards.  I’ve cut up a few and I’m going to focus on paying them off in 2015.  Then, I’ve kept 2 for those just in case emergencies.  BUT I’m going to keep them somewhere NOT near my purse so they aren’t that easy to use.

5) A cleaner mouth.  We discussed this at Christmas Eve.  If we’re going to try and bring a child into this world we have a lot to work on… thing being a cleaner mouth.  Sure they don’t understand it when they are first born but my goodness we will have a child destined for the principal’s office if we don’t clean it up!  We never mean harm by the things we say, and usually they are said with laughter….but still.  Time to clean it up.

6)  Less DVR and more books.  Just today I deleted a bunch of Intervention episodes and other crud.  I always have something on the DVR to watch.  Sometimes I just play in the background to have noise.  Most of it is junk.  I’ll never let my Real Housewives go…..but there are many things I can do without.  And with less DVR I can read this huge stack of books I’ve bought and been craving.  Then, I can spend all my Barnes and Nobles gift cards from my totally rad students and read even MORE!

7)  Last but most importantly…..never forget to date my husband.  The love of my life, my lifetime partner, and very best friend.  We were engaged last Valentine’s Day and married in July and then life threw us for a bit of a loop.  I got so wrapped up in planning a wedding and then we had to focus on some major life changes…and I think we’ve just totally forgotten how to date.  I’ve forgotten how to get all sexy and stuff for him and would much rather throw on a hoodie and go to dinner.  Fact is….he needs to date me….and I need to date him.  We’re still young (kind of) and without children we really should take advantage of all that life has to offer….including special date nights.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant or something mega expensive, but I should still look my best for him because he always does for me.  We have an entire jar of date ideas that my wonderful family and friends gave us at the awesome bridal shower.  We haven’t even picked one.  I think we need to get on that….pronto.    And maybe….just maybe….if we date enough then my hope for a little one will also work!

I love this man and I certainly hope that 2015 only gets better.  I’ll stand by his side no matter what curves that life may bring us.  It’s hard to even imagine that 2015 could top 2014 when I married the man of my dreams….but I’m hoping it will!

p.s. – I’m typing this on my new laptop the hubs got me for Christmas and it is FABULOUS!!!

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